“And I said, I am fine”

He asked me
How are you?
And I said,I am fine


He just listened, smiled
And walked away…..
I wanted him to ask once more
He was my life, my love, my soulmate
He ought to have asked again
But he didn’t
And he walked away…..
He walked to his smiles, his joys, and his world
And left me in my dark morose world
My mom, my dad , my brother, my friends
All asked me
They all asked me once
How are you?
And I said, I am fine
I kept fighting
I kept struggling
With the demons within
The despair, the angst, the lows
My moods, my thoughts, my mind
One day my mirror asked me
How are you?
And I could hold no longer
And I said, I am not fine
I cried, I cried
The sorrow, the hurt, and the feelings of pain
All my tormenters asked me
How are you?
And all I could say was
I am not fine
The lows, the tides
My moods, my sorrow
They held me tight
And then I walked
I walked to help
…. and to healing
The doctor was nice
The doctor was kind
He just asked me
How are you?
And when I said I am fine
He smiled and held my hand
He held my hand and captivated my mind
He loosened the screws
And the sorrow could fly
And when it left me
It asked me once
How are you?
And this time I could really say, I am fine..
And now when I ask someone
How are you?
I gaze into their eyes
And often ask again
How are you??

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