Nikita Jain

Mrs. Nikita Jain

Position: Clinical Psychologist

Best Clinical Psychologist In Delhi - (Nikita Jain)

Mrs. Nikita Jain

Position: Clinical Psychologist

Working Hours

Through Appointments Only.

Mrs. Nikita Jain is the clinical psychologist and child psychologist at Delhi Mind Clinic. Always fascinated with the working of the human mind, she is very passionate about her work. Mrs. Nikita did her Mphil in clinical psychology at IHBAS (Institute Of Human Behavior & Allied Science), Dilshad Garden where she worked with a wide variety of mental illnesses across all age groups.

Experience Details

She is an experienced therapist well trained in

  • Depression counseling,
  • Anxiety disorders counseling,
  • Cognitive behavior therapy for OCD,
  • ERP (exposure & response prevention) for OCD,
  • Social skills training or social anxiety disorder,
  • Behavior therapy for phobias
  • Counseling for children with ADHD & autism.

She also conducts different psychological testing like those for

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • OCD,
  • Social Anxiety disorder,
  • Panic disorder,
  • Schizophrenia etc

Psychometric assessments like

  • Rorschach test,
  • Personality tests,
  • IQ testing for children with intellectual disability (mental retardation IQ testing),
  • Testing for SLD ( specific learning disorder) amongst others.