Panic Disorder Treatment

Panic Disorder Treatment

Panic Disorder Treatment in india

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Psychological Assessment:

SINHA’S anxiety rating scale
Panic disorder symptom severity scale

Treatment By Medications

  • Medications are generally prescribed for acute control of anxiety attacks and further prevention of severe attacks.
  • These medications are best taken under supervision as the doses are tapered gradually over time.
  • Usually, a three – six-month duration of medication is recommended.

Treatment By Counseling(Best Panic Disorder Treatment In India)

  • Relaxation techniques – Training is provided to the patients to be able to manage their bodily reactions during a panic attack in an adaptive manner.
  • Desensitization therapy-Specific phobias and anxiety symptoms are gradually dissociated from each other in a hierarchical manner.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy – Includes identifying and challenging one’s own maladaptive thoughts.
  • Interpersonal therapy – Interpersonal issues impacting the anxiety symptoms are addressed.
  • Psychodynamic therapy – Unconscious repressed emotions impacting one’s psychological states are uncovered to aid in recovery.