Dr. Sugandha Gupta invited as a panelist on ABP news to share her expert opinion regarding the suicide of Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput. Dr. Gupta emphasized the prevalence of mental illness across all social, economic, and professional strata. she also stressed the aggravation of mental health issues due to the direct and indirect effects of the lockdown and pandemic.

Dr. Sugandha Gupta stressed the importance of mental health.
Dr. Sugandha Gupta invited as a panelist on ABP News to express her clinical views on Sushant Singh Rajput's Suicide case.
Dr. Sugandha Gupta sharing her views on the Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide case

Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Consultant Neuropsyciatrist conducted an interactive session for the police personnel on 17th October, 2019 at Mandir Marg Police station, New Delhi.

Dr. Paramjeet Singh being felicitated at the Mandir Marg Police Station for his Informative talk on Mental Health Management.
Dr. Paramjeet Singh being felicitated for his informtative session on Mental Health for the police personnel.
interactive session for Police Personnel at the Mandir Marg Police station by Dr, Paramjeet Singh.
Dr. Paramjeet Singh sharing his expertise for managing stress effectively for the extremely stressful work profile of police personnel.

Dr. Sugandha Gupta being felicitated on occasion of International Women Day, 2020 for her remarkable contribution towards women mental health and for being the chief organizer of the Annual Meet of the women Psychiatrists, Delhi.

Dr. Sugandha Gupta at the Annual women Psychiatrist meet, March 2020.

Dr. Sugandha Gupta, invited as an expert speaker to share her clinical opinion about the rising number of suicides during the lockdown imposed during the pandemic. Dr. Gupta stressed about the added risk of suicide in the elderly due to the fear of COVID-19

Dr. Sugandha Gupta on ABP news to talk on risk of suicide in the lockdown.

The team of Delhi Mind Clinic conducted a workshop in Kalindi College, Patel Nagar New Delhi on the topic of Mental Health Awareness Amongst Youth .

Delhi Mind Clinic in Media

Dr. Sugandha Gupta and Dr. Paramjeet Singh invited as guests of honour at the graduation ceremony of the international Primary Wing at Manav Sthali School, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi.

Dr. Sugandha Gupta and Dr. Paramjeet Singh
Dr. Sugandha Gupta and Dr. Paramjeet Singh invited as Guests of Honor at the graduation ceremony of the international Primary wing at Manavsthali school, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi.
Dr. Sugandha Gupta
Dr. Sugandha Gupta at the annual event, Manavsthali School as the guest of honor.

World Suicide Prevention Day – Speech & Felicitation September 2019

Dr. Paramjeet Singh and Dr. Sugandha Gupta are regarded amongst the best psychiatrists in Delhi NCR area and participate as panellists in various news channel discussions, debates and other forums. Following are some of the photographs from past events.

India TV – Dr. Sugandha Gupta – as a panelist on Burari Suicide tragedy

Mental illness are often hidden and sometimes they are brought to attention by some severe tragedy as in the infamous Burari Suicide case in New Delhi. awareness about mental illness in the masses is the need of the hour. .

Prime News Channel – Panel Discussion on Neglected mental health in corporate lifestyles

Dr Paramjeet highlighted the rise in lifestyle disorders like stress, depression and anxiety in today’s competitive lifestyles. the lack of social and family support, unhealthy lifestyles and mounting socail pressures are leading to a exponential rise in depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, addictions and many other mental ailments.

Prime News Channel – Panel Discussion on increasing suicides amongst youth.

Dr Sugandha emphasized the impact of various risk factors for increasing suicide rates in youth. The growing financial, social and career demands exert tremendous pressures on today’s youth leading to increased depression, anxiety and suicide.

Seminars, Talks, Sessions, Lectures & Presentations

The team at Delhi Mind Clinic regularly gives presentations and lectures on various issues related to mental health. These sessions are held in a wide variety of places from primary schools to old age homes, banks to multi national companies and educational government institutions.

Following are some of the photographs at various events

Interactive Seminar at Axis Bank

The Discussion centred on undiagnosed stress, depression, anxiety disorders in corporate sector and its management and recieved a warm response from the employees. many admitted to being stressed all the time and vowed to take care of their mental health to prevent depression, anxiety and other health issues.

Workshop on Work – Life Balance at Forest Essentials, Noida

Healthy conversation on Work Life Balance in Corporate employees. the impact of work pressures on physical, mental & social health was highlighted.

Interactive Session – Janki Devi Memorial College

Dr Sugandha Gupta invited as Specialist to interact with Students at Janki Devi Memorial College, Rajendra Nagar. Young girls discussed challenges of academic pressures, hostel life and relationship problems with Dr Sugandha Gupta.

Interactive session with young pupils – Manavstahli School

Students eagerly participated in discussing bullying
and peer pressure with the experts in child Psychiatry. youth is the focus today. with the social media adding on to parent’s stressors an inormative workshop was held at Manavstalhi school to generate awareness about the ill effects of internet and social media.

Lecture on Anger Management in NWWA(Navy Wives Welfare Association)

Anger management skills discussed for wives of Navy Officers by Dr Sugandha Gupta, Lady Psychiatrist, Delhi. As an expert in women mental health issues, Dr Sugandha was invited to interact with the wives of serving officers of the navy to help them deal with their stressors and learn better emotional coping skills.

Dr. Sugandha Gupta – founder and consultant Psychiatrist Delhi Mind Clinic delivered a speech and was felicitated on the occasion of world suicide prevention day on September 8th, 2019.

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