Panic Disorder Treatment

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Psychological Assessment:


SINHA’S anxiety rating scale

Panic disorder symptom severity scale

Treatment By Medications

Medications are generally prescribed for acute control of anxiety attacks and further prevention of severe attacks.

These medications are best taken under supervision as the doses are tapered gradually over time.

Usually, a three – six-month duration of medication is recommended.

Treatment By Counseling(Best Panic Disorder Treatment In India)

Relaxation techniques – Training is provided to the patients to be able to manage their bodily reactions during a panic attack in an adaptive manner.

Desensitization therapy-Specific phobias and anxiety symptoms are gradually dissociated from each other in a hierarchical manner.

Cognitive behavior therapy – Includes identifying and challenging one’s own maladaptive thoughts.

Interpersonal therapy – Interpersonal issues impacting the anxiety symptoms are addressed.

Psychodynamic therapy – Unconscious repressed emotions impacting one’s psychological states are uncovered to aid in recovery.