Specific Learning Disorder services

Services For Specific Learning Disability

1. Assessment

  • Malins intelligence scale for Indian children (MISIC)
  • Binet Kamat test of intelligence (BKT)
  • Raven’s colored Progressive Matrices (SPM)
  • Bender visual motor gestalt test
  • Memory for designs test- NIMHANS Index
  • Vineland Social Maturity Rating Scale (VSMS)
  • Wescheller’s adult intelligence scale III
  • Wescheler memory scales – revised

2. Treatment By Medication

There are no medication to improve the cognitive factors. However. a doctor may use medication to treat some symptoms that are common with learning disability such as

  • Attention problems
  • Anxiety and depression

3. Treatment By Counseling

  • Family therapy – Psychoeducating family about SLD, its effects and providing support to the family helps in countering expressed emotions.
  • Social skills training – helping patients learn adequate social skills.
  • Behavior therapy – targeted at maintaining regular schedules etc.

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