Dr. Sugandha Gupta’s (Psychiatrist’s) Vision:

Dr. Sugandha Gupta is the best female psychiatrist in Delhi

As an individual, I have always been curious to learn new things and explore what is hidden. This trait of mine enables me to question as to what the illness is doing to my patient? How it is affecting his work, his relationships, his self-esteem. Hence, the focus while treating my patients is as much as getting them to function to their optimal abilities alongside symptom control. I believe too that it is equally if not more important to prevent psychiatric illness as much as treat them. To do this, we at Delhi Mind Clinic, organize and participate in community outreach events and conduct various awareness programs at schools, colleges, corporates, NGO’S etc.  My endeavor with Delhi Mind Clinic is to provide a holistic means of treatment for all psychiatric illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, phobias, Panic disorder, Schizophrenia, Addictions etc.

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Dr. Paramjeet Singh (Neuro-Psychiatrist’s) Vision:

Dr. Paramjeet Singh at Delhi Mind Clinic is the best Psychiatrist in delhiThroughout my medical career so far, I have been through various reputed hospitals like GB Pant, Maulana Azad Medical College, Lady Harding College, and IHBAS. What I learned and believe strongly is that a healthy mind cannot work in the absence of a healthy body and that body and mind are interconnected. Hence, my interest in neuropsychiatry. Being a systematic and perfectionist myself, I strive to work on my patients taking into account other aspects of health as well. I believe all mental illnesses can be treated if treatment is initiated in time and followed regularly as advised. I constantly strive to alleviate stigma around mental illness by reaching out to people via various platforms like television, social media, print media besides organizing workshops and participating in symposiums across the country.

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Mrs. Nikita Jain (Clinical Psychologist’s) Vision

Nikita Jain - Best Child Psychologist Delhi Mind CLinic

As a clinical psychologist, I love to interact with people and hear their challenges and struggles. I sincerely believe that any psychological issue leads to a direct impact on the body. Hence I stress that it is imperative to deal with our emotional baggage rather than brushing them under the carpet. It is my passion to work with children and adolescents and help them cope with the challenges their illnesses like ADHD, autism, anger issues pose to them. My message to parents and caregivers of persons with mental illness is that they should be patient and understanding towards the patients and not carry prejudices.

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Ms. Asmita Sharma (Psychotherapist/ Counselor’s) vision

Asmita Sharma - Best Counsellor for depression in DelhiI am a practitioner of the Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic modes of psychotherapy and believe that most issues in the present stem from the unconscious. Be it long-standing depression due to repressed sadness of losing a parent early, severe anxiety due to repressed childhood sexual abuse, severe anger issues arising due to unaddressed childhood bullying or phobias arising out of severe physical abuse by parents. For complete alleviation of symptoms, it is important that one faces his/her suppressed past traumas adequately. In most cases, a combination of medication and Psychotherapy is advisable in my view.

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