Workshop on `Mental Health Empowerment in Youth` at Kalindi College, Patel Nagar New Delhi

A workshop was organized by the Zoology department in Kalindi College, East Patel Nagar New Delhi on the topic of Mental Health Empowerment in Youth.

The team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists – Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Dr. Sugandha Gupta, Mrs. Nikita Jain – from Delhi Mind Clinic delivered lectures and were felicitated at the event.

Mental health in youth is often ignored, despite the research highlighting the alarming prevalence of the same in our country.
Dr. Paramjeet Singh, our Consulting Neuropsychiatrist talked to the enthusiastic students about various myths prevalent in the society regarding mental illness, explained briefly symptoms and signs of common mental illness in the youth and countering the stigma regarding the same.

“Women mental health” – the need of the hour.
Dr. Sugandha Gupta, our Director and Senior Psychiatrist talked to the young females on the relevant topic” gender sensitization”.
The discussion was focused around learning how various gender stereotypes prevalent in our society play a crucial role in imparting a woman’s mental health. The session was interactive and enlightening for female students.

Mrs. Nikita Jain our consulting Psychologist talked to the students about the raging topic today- “Depression and Suicide in the young.” Depression in younger people is often swept under the carpet by the family and Society. However, untreated depression can have an adverse impact on an individual’s academic, career, relationships, and physical health. The right support at the right time can prevent a tragedy like suicide.

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