“Saving our kids from sexual predators: something more than good – bad touch”



Sexual violence against children has been in news more and more in the coming years. It is not that this is a recent happening, it has always been there but with increasing awareness, its reporting has increased too. All the parents are talking to their kids about good touch and bad touch, deciding upon passwords and monitoring their independence. Howsoever, there are certain things which need to be known by all parents to make the above techniques successful.

First is to make your child have trust in you. Most of the times, kids do not report such incidents to their parents due to a fear of not knowing how they would react. If you are a parent who reacts too quickly and harshly for trivial issues, you cannot expect your child to relate to you any untoward incidents if they happen. Being sexually molested or abused is a very strange feeling and it makes the kids confused about how they should feel about it, hence they may talk to you about this only if they have been provided the freedom of talking about anything under the sun to you, without any fear of prejudices or extreme reactions.

Second, is being accessible to your kids at all times, in whatever ways they need you. Spending some quality time with them chatting nonchalantly about your day and theirs, can bridge the gap and keep an open channel during times of any distress. So whatever, the other demands of life, find time for your kids, no matter what!

Thirdly, teaching your kids the skill of assertion, the art of placing their demands in front of even the elders in a polite but firm manner, this will help them protect themselves when in a threatening situation. So, listening to your child and not bullying him into giving in to your demands just because you are a parent or an older person, shall make him more confident of standing up for himself if he feels something to be wrong with another person’s behavior and dislikes it.

Lastly, most sexual offenders threaten kids with causing harm to their mothers or fathers or siblings to keep them quiet. So, you need to tell your kids that you are self sufficient and can take care good care of yourself. If  howsoever, someone threatens in this manner, their coming and warning you about the same will not cause you harm rather it will help you prepare yourself and avert any danger to him or any family member.

In essence, a strong child – parent relation will go a long way in protecting our kids from sexual predators.

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