The Blue Whale Game – What is the Real Challenge?

The Blue Whale Game has got everyone worried and all the parents alert. whatever the age, all parents are telling their children not to download the game, restricting and monitoring the mobile phone usage of their kids whatever the age. The real challenge though is to realize that something will always be there and we cannot monitor our kids all the time, everywhere. Its more important for us to understand what makes our young minds get involved and attracted with such things in the first place and how to prevent the same.

The Blue Whale game and many others like this, pull our kids into them by using two key psychological determinants of an adolescent mind’s psyche. The first is Curiosity and the second is – Thrill Seeking!

Curiosity is the most powerful determinant for a young mind to experiment with something novel and mysterious. whether it is cannabis use in college or late night drinking parties, its all done to satiate an element of curiosity.

Thrill seeking is the second pivotal phenomenon of an adolescent  personality which makes one put societal norms at bay, seeking adventure, a high, a thrill and putting one in danger sometimes whether driving in high speeds or playing such games.

But, as they are a natural element of an adolescent mind’s psyche, we cannot abolish them or regulate them altogether. Though, if we can teach them the skill of exploration in a safe and controlled manner from an early age, it shall definitely help when the curiosity seeks attention of some dangerous activity in adolescent years by engaging in risky situations more responsibly and safely.

Thrill seeking can also be made more responsible by  teaching kids to confide in ourselves from the early years of nascent learning. Letting them know that we as parents find it acceptable to know, understand and share their enthusiasm for such things, shall make them more trusting in relating to us of such matters and if we can teach them the art of responsible decision making by demonstration and not lecturing, we would have won the battle.

So, as long as there is a young mind, there will be threats: lets work on long term preparation than engaging in a sudden,transient knee jerk reaction to each new situation now and whale

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