Stress Management

Stress management

Stress Management Delhi

In a metropolitan city like Delhi, it is a rule of thumb for an individual to feel stressed. The humdrum of the daily routine, fighting against the clock to be ahead of deadlines, the surrounding traffic, blaring of horns and even if not that, the rising swarm of people in the metro…to surpass that, we live in small houses, away from nature, eat unhealthy junk food and to exercise means only exercising our fingers on the keypads of our smart phones. And hence stress becomes the norm.

So how do we manage stress? Very simple things-

First, find time for yourself – relax, recreate, pause, enjoy.

Second, find time for your body to heal – healthy diet, daily exercise and a good night’s sleep.

Third, build and utilize your social support – relatives, friends, family – catch up, chat, laugh and smile.

Fourth – focus on the stressors – identify, change the stress or improve your ability to cope.

Fifth – counter the ill effects of stress- meditate, practice yoga, rejuvenate.

Last – spend time with nature and slow down.

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