Understanding the Mental Health Scenario in Delhi State

Understanding the Mental Health Scenario of Delhi State

Delhi or Dilli as it is called fondly by its residents, is known to be the heart of the country. Delhi is a leader in the field of Healthcare service providers across the nation and is known to attract the residents not just from nearby states but from across the country and abroad as well. With a population of nearly 10 million which is rapidly increasing and expanding by the day, it may be estimated that one fourth of the residents are in need of mental health care and Psychiatric Services. As is evident from the large numbers, the mental health of our city needs to be dealt with utmost urgency and compassion. However being a large megalopolis, and one of the largest cities in the world the mental health needs of the State of Delhi are by itself unique and need to be understood well to be able to attend to it.

Let us begin this task by gathering the factors which place Delhi uniquely in perspective of its Mental Health needs-

  • Stress and the daily pressures of living in the mega polis of Delhi

  • Changing lifestyles, sedentary habits, and dietary changes.

  • Increasing lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, Lipid abnormalities, Obesity etc. which are strongly linked to metal illness.

  • Rapid urbanization and associated adversities

  • Shrinking families and reduced social support leading to isolation

  • Impact of westernization and changing value systems

  • Pollution and detrimental effects of environmental toxins

  • Economic hardships and uncertainties.

  • Merging of different cultures, religions and ethnicities creating a humdrum of difficulties and conflicts.

In the metropolis of Delhi, there is a very high level of stress in everyone, be it a 8 year child, 15 year old adolescent, a struggling adult, lonely elderly or even a housewife, the tolls are insurmountable. Even if full fledged mental disorders are few, milder and non syndromal symptoms are significantly high and grossly disturbing. Some common examples of these are irritabiilty, restlessness, anxiety, low mood, disinterest, reduced concentration and lack of enjoyment. Frequent headaches and Easy tiredness can also be due to psychological reasons. Inspite of the all of the above, the mental health need issues of the residents of state of Delhi have not received due attention till date.

The first and foremost reason for this is the lack of awareness about mental health and significant downplaying of one’s mental health needs due to both ignorance and related stigma or better to say still – low acceptance of the same.

Another important factor is, the lack of knowledge about mental health resources available to the public in the wide and big city of Delhi.

Delhi caters to a very large and diverse population and accordingly has diverse means to provide mental health care to its residents. A no. of government hospitals like IHBAS in east Delhi, lady hardinge and Ram Manohar Lohia in central Delhi provide mental health care at minimal rates. Many hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram, BL Kapoor , Apollo Hospital provide such in the private sector. But considering the enormous population of Delhi, with its growing requirements daily, even these sometimes fall short. Herein comes the role of Private clinics, which provide wider reach, easy accessibility, higher acceptance and hence fill in the gaps of the mental health needs of Delhi.

Delhi Mind Clinic is one such attempt to provide easily available, conveniently accessible and quality mental health care to people in need. Our aim is to spread awareness & improve acceptance of one’s mental health needs, to use an eclectic blend of therapy and medication to optimize one’s strengths and improve the functionality by removing the distress.

Hopefully, with time, Delhi will be a more mentally healthy state.

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